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Why do I need your help?

Can’t I just do it myself? 

Of course, you can contact each company you have ever interacted with, purchased something from, registered online with, or entered your email adress, telephone number, home address, date of birth or credit card information with!… However, from our experience and research we found;

Few consumers know their rights

Companies can make it difficult to exercise consumer rights

It’s increasingly difficult to know which companies hold your personal data and who they share it with

It is very time consuming to make individual requests

RVoke offer a truly unique and hassle-free solution where you are able to;

Set bulk preferences for your data use by sector

Instruct deletion of your data by your “right to erasure”

Scans the dark web to check if your data has been in a breach 

We use advanced military-grade Elliptic Curve encryption all in our free to download app on iOS and Android.